Jonathan Patrick

y_nDa-cjRKF2Sobjm_8GS11xXIMArtist Statement

“JP…. “Drawing using Charcoal, at times highlighting with water-colour or oil pastels, the desire in my heart to draw on large canvases, and using charcoal arose after I gave my life to Jesus. This art is totally contrary to my previous work, which was small and detailed. I never before used Charcoal which I disliked being so messy and difficult to control ! The only way I can explain this change is Jesus says we are saved from our sins that moment we accept Him and that He gives us a new heart – with my new “heart” and renewed mind, I also had new Desires. My desire to draw large, as well as in Charcoal – is without doubt, inspired by God – so to Him I give the Glory”.

“Johann Sebastian Bach, the great composer dedicated every page he composed to God. Shortly after I read about this, I dedicated my new-found passion and joy in drawing as I do now, to His Glory.” With His wonderful Truth in my New Heart, I express everything that I can using my humble gift of drawing Lines with Burnt sticks …to show His Goodness and to try and lead people to He who alone saves us. May God bless you and your family in the Name of Jesus Christ, help you read this according to the riches of His Love for us and according to His Higher Purpose and Perfect Wisdom for what He knows you really need.”

About the Artist

Jonathan Patrick has been described by a renowned European collector of contemporary Fine Art as one the most gifted young talents he has encountered, with a technique superior to that of many well-established, highly prized, artists.

Jonathan was born in 1982 into a South Africa vibrant with a rich history of arts and culture. Following in the footsteps of Lucky Sibiya, Gerhard Batha and Irma Stern, Jonathan Patrick is set to make his mark on both in South Africa and internationally as he reflects his journeys and dreams.
Jonathan’s work, collectively titled “DREAMS IN CHARCOAL” spans over 80 original drawings which have been sold into private collections, including charming scenes of the Provence and Paris, skillfully executed architectural studies and most recently sailing and racing yachts in spectacular action.

One is willingly drawn into the evocative atmosphere each drawing engenders – whether it is to skip with five lovelies through the Tuileries gardens, plan to move into that apartment above the treetops, sip perfectly chilled wine in one his gardens, or don waterproofs—ready to meet the adventure of the High Seas full on!
The schools he attended understood the importance of encouraging children to be creative. This allowed Jonty to develop his God-given artistic talent from an early age. He graduated from Crawford College in Sandton, Johannesburg with a Distinction in Art .

Post graduate studies in Interior Architecture and Design followed and he graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2007.
Besides currently owing and running an interior design company in Johannesburg which both manufactures and retails beautiful things, he draws from his heart expressing the joy he finds in his surroundings. He displays his Art in his own gallery –showroom in Parkhurst.

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