Artist Presentation

More than 10 million art lovers

Using the power of television, online galleries and auctions ARTbanus artists are featured with a comprehensive presentation package to millions of art buyers, collectors, galleries and museums around the world.

The ARTbanus presentation consists of:

1. Television Feature – An interview and video feature about the artist and his work. The TV profile that is submitted for broadcast on M95 television in Marbella and the Art Television and Art Channel.  Made available through YouTube for inclusion in online galleries and auction sites as a part of a presentation of the artist and his work. The TV profile can also be included on his/her web page, Facebook and other social networks.

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2. Artist Profile Page – A profile information page with presentation of the artist and selected art is created for each ARTbanus artist.

3. Online Sales – Selected work of the featured artist is presented by ARTbanus on a several international gallery and auction sites that have more than 10 million visitors each month from 180 countries. Depending on the art selection, this may include some or all of the following:

4. Print Sales – If the artist requires ARTbanus can offer print sales from the original art as limited series. All production and fulfillment of print orders can be done without any costs to the artist who is paid his portion of the sales revenue after each month. Print sales and limited edition prints can be a good way to make the art available to larger groups of buyers  without incurring additional costs.

5. Annual ARTbanus Auction Event – Starting in 2014 there will be an annual art auction event hosted by ARTbanus in Marbella. The event will be televised and broadcasted through the Internet enabling art lovers and collectors to participate from anywhere in the world.

To become a feature ARTbanus artist please complete the form below. Artists and Galleries may apply.

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